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Maltruant is a rogue, powerful and psychotic Chronosapien who sought the domination of time itself and the death of Ben Tennyson.

He serves as main antagonist of the Ben 10: Omniverse arc The Time War, and was voiced by Mark Hamill who is widely known for playing Luke Skywalker and The Joker.



According to Professor Paradox, Maltruant is bent on ruling all of time and existence. For achieving such goal, he masterminded the past Time War. Fortunately, he was defeated by the end of this particular war. To ensure that he wouldn't be able to start another war and his followers wouldn't be able to find him and restored him, Paradox took him apart and hid the incapacitated individual parts of Maltruant's body throughout space and time. However, over time, Maltruant would slowly "pull himself back together," eventually reforming the majority of his body.

Events in the series.


Maltraunt is portrayed as a intelligent, vain egomaniac who desires nothing less then eternal dominion over reality. Along with this he is shown to be a sadist who enjoys toying with enemies and even betraying a former allies once he no longer needed their help. He is known to brag once he feels he is about to win which has led to his own defeat before.


  • Maltruant is the second Ben 10 Villain to be a Complete Monster, Aggregor was the first.
    • Additonaly he is the only Ben 10: Omniverse Villain to be a Complete Monster, thus making him the darkest enemy in the show.
    • Maltruant was unusually violent and dark for a Ben 10 Omniverse villain.
  • Maltruant is one of the few Cartoon Network villains who surpass into a Complete Monster along with Slade, Keeper Agruss, Pong Krell and  Aggregor (who was also a Ben 10 Villain).

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