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Maloqueiro popai

Maloqueiro Popai is character from Brazilian Flash animation site Mundo Canibal.

The character is a drug user without conscience, he is often seen dealing drugs even for children. He spreads smoke his pipe and pollutes the air in a way that makes people intoxicated just breathe. Although considered most neutral character in the shorts he can be a violent and aggressive character varying the amount of drug he consumes.

The character is a black comedic parody of Popeye the Sailor Man.

Villainous Roles

  • Briga de Galo - Amid street fight provoked by Sr. Donizildo who sends his violent rooster to kill the Whatahell's pet chick Popai appears to help Whatahell giving him marijuana (although he mentioned be spinach) to let the chick more stronger. But the chick ends up being drugged and is easily killed by the Sr. Donizildo's rooster.
  • Fetinho - A poor fetus-kid goes to Popai's house begging for alms, but it ends up being abused by the man who forces him to smoke drugs in your home. Then Popai expelled the boy from her home claiming it to be a bum, when it asks you for food. At the end Popai insults the boy a racist manner calling him of alien and shoots a power line which is electrocuted to death.
  • Piripaque - After discovering that his girlfriend got pregnant (a similar woman to Olive Oyl) he swallows a pill and then punches her stomach causing her to spit the fetus baby out of her mouth.