The Malon are a humanoid alien species from the Star Trek franchise, they made their first appearance in the Voyager series and are best described as eco-villains in the sense they are not openly hostile to other species but are deeply uncaring of the negative effects they have on the sectors of space they inhabit.

Due purely to cost Malon have taken to dumping vast amounts of waste in space, usually picking uninhabited sectors they don't always abide by this rule and thus sometimes they will dump large quantities of waste in inhabited sectors of space, effectively ruining the sector and endangering native life in the process.

The Malon are noted as being very stubborn in their ways as they have outright rejected offers to gain access to cleaner methods of disposing of their waste : arguing the cost is not worth the effort and thus they have actively chosen to continue their practice of dumping waste into space.

Malon are also willing to fight if they are questioned over their tactics, as in Star Trek Online a group of Malon openly attacked the Federation after they were found dumping waste on a planet Neelix and his people planned on colonizing, having no care for Neelix or his kind as they saw the area as a profitable wasting ground.