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Mallet Island

Mallet Island

Mallet Island (マレット島 Maretto Shima) is the name of a secret island located somewhere on Earth and according to legend, it was secretly ruled by Mundus after he was being defeated by Sparda. It is the first setting of Devil May Cry.

History of Mallet Island

While not much history of this place is given, records tell that in feudal times, supernatural and paranormal phenomena, such as crops growing out of season and the warping of the the Castle's Cathedral occurred. Mundus planned to create and open the portal between the human world and the demon world and drive the world back to its chaotic state.

Castle of Mallet Island

The Castle of Mallet Island.

Mallet Island consists of a large castle-like building and is guarded by various demons. The top level consists of a statue of Mundus from which he gives orders. Despite being a demon constructed building, the top floor, where Mundus resides appears to be clean and serene. Early sketches of the castle shows that there are various rooms and chambers such as: Back Hall, Prison Chamber, and a "guest" room. Also in the building are portals leading to a psuedo-inverted Mirror World.

The castle along with the rest of the island itself was completely destroyed in an explosion when Dante and Trish escaped on an old biplane after their final battle with Mundus.

Ancient Castle

The eerie castle nestled on Mallet Island is the first accessible building. It contains several hallways, a library, master bedroom, and, on the top floor, a large statue of Mundus. Beneath it is a maze of sewers and waterways. The main hall is home to a statue of a knight holding a spear upright while riding a rearing horse.


The large Cathedral connected to the castle. It is the resting place of the Pride of Lion sitting upon an altar and the first place where Dante encounters Phantom. Later, it becomes warped with demonic power, and after defeating Nightmare for the second time, contains a portal to the Demon World.

Broken Bridge

The Broken Bridge at Mallet Island

The Broken Bridge outside the Castle's Cathedral.

Extending out from the Cathedral is the Broken Bridge, an outdoor area which is used heavily by Dante to access the Mirror World.


A large garden-like complex found within the castle where Dante obtains Ifrit and first encounters Griffon.

Valley of the Mist

The Valley of of the Mist is a labyrinthine canyon. Dante must defeat all enemies to free a magical orb of light, which will guide him down the correct path to get to the end.

Lost Land

At the end of the Valley of Mist is the Lost Land, another ancient structure filled with demons. Dante must find and use the Sign of Chastity to obtain the Chalice and open the way to the next area.


A large arena-like building where Dante has his final encounter with Griffon and first interaction with Mundus.

Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship is initially partially submerged, and contains the underwater portions of the mission. Dante eventually revives the half-submerged ship, and rides it through an underground river back to the Ancient Castle.

Mirror World

The Mirror World is an unnamed location. This twisted other dimension is a blurry, mirrored version of the
Mirror World Sun
real world accessed through a mirror in the castellan's chambers within the castle. The Mirror World is not just reversed in structure, but even in some physics—in the sky, Dante can see rays of light returning to a crimson sun.

When Dante first uses the mirror, his reflection emerges from it and reveals itself to be Nelo Angelo, who Dante later learns was his possessed twin Vergil. Later, Dante himself enters the mirror in order to recover the Philosopher's Stone from the mirror world inside.


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