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Malik is the main antagonist of the Cold Case series episode "It Take All A Village".

He was brutally beat up by the others boys from his orphanage after the nightwatch guardian told them to teach him a lesson if they not want to be in the square anymore. So Malik was weak at the other who was much older then him they drag him in a corner and break the glass and cut one of his fingers when he was crying and want them to let him go. So many years later he was seeking revenge on young boys and do the same punishment but for killing them by let them starve by weeks and they died he cut their face and their fingers before throw them in box when they still alive for make sure no one heard them.

He was looking for winners who play the game of "Defector 3" he was disguise has a teenage boy and trick his victims to follow him to his house. And that's when they see he taking them to the shower room of the orphanage the victims get scare so he force them to stay up in the square in their underwears for long weeks and then fall on the floor. but when the boys are losers he told them they told them they had wasting his time and leave in a huff. the police was now know he was not a teenager they was looking for but a adult disguise has a teen. His last victim was a boy called Tyrell Hobbs he meet in a pizza restaurant when his sister was going at the bank he finally told Tyrell to play Defector 3 with him and see he had beat him, Just like the four others he trick him and leave with him. but when Nick and Lilly finally found the shower room he held Tyrell has a hostage and told them to drop their gun. He laugh when Nick told him to let Tyrell go when lilly told him she know what happen to him in the shower room he told them they lied and don't know who he is. So Nick calling him a monster who just hurt boys for his pleasure that make him angry and told this was a lie. So Lilly told him he finally found all of the boys and told to look at himself she also told Tyrell was just a kid just like him. He finally release the boy but when he heard the sirens he told Lilly and Nick what happen to Theseus when he was going home from the labyrinthe. Lilly and Nick wanted to stop him but Malik decide to commit suicide to be spear from jail and died after cut his throat.