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Maligno (formerly known as Figlio) is a villain from Ravenloft, the horror themed setting of Dungeons and Dragons. He shares similarities with the fairy tale character Pinocchio. He's the darklord of the realm of Odiare in the Land of Mists.

He's a Carrionette, a race of evil sentient toys and puppets, created by the toymaker Guiseppe who desperaely wanted a son. Maligno was hated and mistreated by the adults of Odiare but liked by the children, and because of this he manipulated Guiseppe in creating an army of carrionettes and then he ordered the killing of all the adults of Odiare. This act made the Dark Powers to bring Odiare in the Demiplane of Dread and choose Maligno as the darklord of the domain. His curse is he can't possess the body of a human(an ability shared by the average carrionette) and he can't kill his creator Guiseppe since any damage done on him is reflected on Maligno, Guiseppe is also the only one who can repair Maligno.

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