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They're all unconscious...
~ One of Malibu's lines in the apocryphal episode "Genesis Undone".

Malibu is a minor antagonist in the Season 2 episode "The Reckoning" of the Gargoyles animated series.


The Reckoning

While Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington are keeping a lookout for clones in California, Malibu and the other clones started attacking the Trio. During a fight outside the Fun House, Malibu is seen chasing Lexington and trying to kill him, but is soon hit by the Ferris wheel's door caused by Broadway. Like all clones without Thailog, he and the others have nothing to do after Thailog was thought to be sacrificed on an old rollercoaster. Talon, one of the mutants, took him and the clones to learn verbs.


Genesis Undone

Malibu has contaminated a virus to perfect the cloning progress. He and the other clones look at Goliath and Angela, who are all unconscious and all clones are supposed to go after Thailog who has the serum. He and the other clones are permanently petrified without the serum during sunrise.


Malibu bears a resemblance to Brooklyn, his aging changed in coloration. He has teal skin, red-and-white wings, blackish-green hair, red eyes, black teeth, and a white mouth. His brow ridges are also more pointy than Brooklyn's. He sounds like Brooklyn when he speaks as well. Malibu's eyes glow red, not white, as most male gargoyles do.


  • Malibu was named by Demona after the famous "surf and sand" division of Los Angeles as a way to contrast with Brooklyn's name and express, in her opinion, the ridiculousness of Brooklyn's name choice.
  • Jeff Bennett, voice of Brooklyn, provided grunts for Malibu in the episode "The Reckoning". In the apocryphal episode "Genesis Undone", Bennett gave Malibu some lines.

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