Evil Malia vs Serena Deeb
Malia Hosaka is a villainess competing in the Shine Wrestling promotion, where she is a former SHINE Tag Team Champion. She is a veteran in professional wrestling, and has even competed in WCW, the then-named WWF, and SHIMMER Women Athletes.

With years of wrestling under her belt, Malia Hosaka debuted at the SHIMMER promotion at their third show in 2006. Malia appeared as a villainess and was defeated by Lorelei Lee, and after the match ended, the evil Malia further established her villainous persona by attacking Lorelei. She was joined by Lexie Fyfe in the attack before both women were rushed out of the ring by Cindy Rogers. All of this led to a tag team match at Volume 4, which Malia and Lexie won.

Since their first tag team victory, Malia aligned with Lexie to form "The Experience," a tag team of villainous veterans who would bully and destroy the younger talent. The duo picked up several victories as a team, including defeating Cindy Rogers and Allison Danger at Volume 9; the win came after Cindy turned villainous and attacked Allison. Malia continued to compete as a solo competitor against women such as Serena Deeb and Tenille (aka future WWE Diva Emma) before leaving SHIMMER in 2009

Malia retired from wrestling in 2012, but she made a comeback a year later when she debuted for Shine Wrestling. Malia continued portraying a villainess and aligned with Brandi Wine to form "Legendary," a tag team similar to The Experience. The duo was managed by Leilani Kai, and they would capture the SHINE Tag Team Championship by defeating the Lucha Sisters (Mia Yim and Leva Bates) at SHINE 20. The duo won a title rematch at SHINE 21 after Thunderkitty turned villainous and attacked Leva during their match, joining the faction in the process. Legendary held the titles until SHINE 25 in March 2015, when they were defeated by The Kimber Bombs.


Malia is a trash-talking villainess, not only delivering her verbal barbs to her opponents, but to the crowd as well.