I'll hack you from crotch to gizzard and feed what's left of you to your brides!
~ Malek

Malek is one of the antagonists from the Legacy of Kain video game series.


Soul Reaver 2 / Blood Omen intro

Malek was the leader of the Sarafan Order, an order created to hunt down all vampires of Nosgoth. He was also the protector of the Circle of Nine, sworn to protect the lives of it's members at all costs. However, he was ignorant of the fact that he himself was a member of the Circle, being the guardian of the Pillar of Conflict.

After the death of Janos Audron, the greatest of vampires, at the hands of the Sarafan Inquisitors, the vampire Vorador decided to take revenge on them. The wraith Raziel went to the Sarafan Stronghold as well, also seeking revenge and to recover Janos's heart.

As he enters a room where the Reaver blade was being kept, he is held back by Malek and Moebius. Malek notices that the Circle is being attacked, but Moebius holds him, claiming that Raziel was the real danger. The two leave Raziel behind, and Malek rushes to try helping the Circle, but arrives too late.

Vorador knocks him, but Malek get up fast and fights the vampire. Proving to be a match against him, Vorador uses a spell to paralyze Malek and leaves him behind. As a punishment for his failure, the necromancer Mortanius then fuses Malek's soul with his armor, condemning him to protect the Circle for all eternity.

Blood Omen

Following the corruption of the Circle, Malek is corrupted as well by Nupraptor's attack. As the vampire Kain goes after Nupraptor in his retreat, Malek appears to stop Kain, but Nupraptor dismisses him. After Kain kills Nupraptor, he sees that he will have to face Malek if he is to kill all other members of the Circle.

Kain travels to Malek's Bastion, which is located high up a mountain, in a place completely devoid of life. Kain traverses the bastion while fighting the many magical armors on the way, facing the paladin in the end. The two are evenly matched, but Kain's attacks do little to no harm against Malek, who regenerates after each attack. Kain, unable to recover due to the lack of blood in the place, is forced to retreat, which makes Malek go nuts, sending a shockwave that disintegrates everything in it's path after Kain, forcing him to hasten his run.

Later on, when Kain goes to the Dark Eden, he finds three guardians, Bane, DeJoule and Anacrothe, reunited at the place. Anacrothe runs away and summons Malek, so Kain responds by summoning Vorador. Malek gets really angry at the sight of Vorador, deciding to fight Vorador instead of Kain. As Kain gives chase after Bane and DeJoule, Malek fights Vorador. This time, Vorador has a hard time fighting Malek, but he eventually defeats the paladin, leaving his lifeless armor behind for Kain.


(1)Legacy of Kain Blood Omen intro

(1)Legacy of Kain Blood Omen intro

(6)LoK Blood Omen - Dark Eden

(6)LoK Blood Omen - Dark Eden

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