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Maldri is one of the many playable hero characters in the video game Darkspore, despite his antagonistic past. Before the Crogenitor-Darkspore war, Maldri worked as a thief, but he and his followers joined with th Crogenitors to fight the Darkspore after they attacked Maldri's homeworld, Zelem's Nexus.


Maldri was a mischevious thief for most of his life, often attempting to rob the Crogenitor Zelem of his valuable possessions. Zelem himself eventually put a stop to this. Some time later, The mutated Darkspore attacked Zelem's Nexus, and Maldri took advantage of the situation and stormed into Zelem's chamber. Before he could touch anything, Zelem apperoached him and told him to fight off the Darkspore before an explosion killed him. Maldri fled outside only to be surrounded by Darkspore, but he used his quantum abilities to kill the Darkspore and escaped and regrouped with his followers, whre they agreed to help the Crogenitors eradicate the Darkspore from the Galaxy.

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