Maldor the Malevolent is one of the thirteen ghosts imprisoned within the chest of demons. He has the ability to perform powerful black magic

Physical appearance

Maldor has yellow skin, however, his face is black and only shows his eyes, he has long grey hair with two long, protruding horns. He wears a long purple and black robes.


Maldor is extremely selfish, impatient, treacherous, and vengeful, as he shows when he searched for the wand and as he searched for Scooby.

Powers and abilities

Maldor is a master in black magic and demonstrated various spells such as transforming rabbits into dragons and turning tree's into evil minions. His strongest spells were creating a near irreversible sleep and causing himself to grow to gigantic sizes.

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

Maldor was originally sealed within the chest of demons. He was the first of the thirteen ghosts to be encountered by the gang and was attempting to find a powerful magic wand which would gave granted him extreme power and had captured the owner of the wand and had trapped a princess in an enchanted sleep. As the gang arrive to capture him, he performs a series of spells to create traps and then places Daphne in an enchanted sleep he was eventually caught after transforming himself into a frog to catch Scooby and the group caught him in the chest.