Malchior is a villain from the Teen Titans animated series. He is a powerful dragon and a special enemy of Raven.


Malchior is first mentioned in a book read by Raven. In the book, Malchior faces the wizard, Rorek of Nol. The dragon was more superior to Rorek, so Rorek trapped Malchior inside his spellbook with a powerful curse. Raven later owned the book sometime ago. When Raven wanted to stay alone to read the book, Malchior made his move. He told Raven that he could empathize with her nature. He gained Raven's trust and affection and manipulated her in freeing him from his imprisonment in the book first, then he taught her his full knowledge of his magic to ensure that he will be fully freed.

Raven succeeded in breaking the curse, but to her horror she realized what she unleashed. When the Titans were unable to take Malchior down in combat, Raven trapped Malchior in the book again and locked it away.

Some time later, Malchior was somehow freed and was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil in his paper form, but he can turn into a dragon at will. During the final battle with the Titans, Malchior planned to burn Melvin, Timmy Tantrum and Teether that Raven recruited in the battle, but his attack was foiled by Herald who blew his horn and sucked in the fire and then Malchior himself to another dimension.

Powers and Abilities

While trapped in the book, Malchior had limited powers but he could remodel the pages at will. In his humanoid paper form, he could employ his magic powers to further extent. In his true dragon form, Malchior possessed super strength, physical endurance, the power to fly with wings and to breathe fire. He also possessed great resistance to physical, energy and magical attacks. In all three forms he possessed great knowledge of dark magic ever known to anyone.



  • Malchior has some resemblance to Maleficent's Dragon Form.
  • Malchior is shown to share some similarities with Malefor from the series of The Legend of Spyro such as:
    • Their names sound alike.
    • They share the same dark and purple colored appearances.
    • They're known to possess the power of dark magic.
    • They're both dragons.
    • Malchior only shown to breath the element of fire, but in Malefor's case, fire was the first element he mastered.
    • They both used one female to do their bidding. Malefor corrupted Cynder with darkness and she followed his orders. Malchior used Raven's feelings of loneliness against her and manipulated her into setting him free.
    • Both were trapped and imprisoned by others. The Ancestors imprisoned Malefor in the Mountain of Malefor, his essence was trapped in Convexity. Rorek imprisoned Malchior inside his own spellbook with a powerful curse.
  • Malchior is the only dragon seen in the show.