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Count and Jumpy Malachi, also known as the Malachi Brothers (Malachi Bros. for short), are the main antagonists in the musical Happy Days.

They are Spanish brothers who are possibly conquistidors and are revealed to be family. They drive a black Plymouth and speak with Spanish accents who challenge Fonzie to a wrestling match which is unable to take place after Fonzie hurts his knee and risks serious damage and according to a doctor "never being able to walk right again."

With Fonzie gone the Malachis then challenge Ralph and Richie but after Fonzie returns the match commences which leads to their downfall. After things start to look bleak Fonzie's motorbike comes in, shines it's lights on them and blinds them. What happens to them next is not explained.
Malachis - Happy Days The Musical01:53

Malachis - Happy Days The Musical

The Malachis introductory song

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