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Makuta the Mask Hoarder (also known as Makuta of Okoto) is one of the villains in the BIONICLE series, as well as the secondary antagonist, alongside Makuta Teridax and Umarak. He was also one of the two skilled Mask-Makers of Okoto, the homeplanet where he worked as the Maks Hoarder alongside his brother Ekimu. However, his jealousy of Ekimu's great works caused him to turn himself into the darkness and began plotting against the sacred law.

While the Makuta  never appeared directly in the 2015 storyline except in the very begining, he eventually took the role of the major antagonist and was also revealed to be the master of Kulta and the Skull Army.

He was eventually defeated when the Toa Uniters blasted him back into the giant which he came from and sealed him in, thus ending his reign of terror for good.


A long time ago, the Makuta of Okoto was once a great and  skilled Mask Hoarder in the planet of Okoto as he was said to create the great Masks of Power. However, he was also often overshadowed by his brother Ekimu's amazing creations, who was favored by the beings of this planet called the Protectors. Over time, Makuta's jealousy grew until it reached its limits. Violating the sacred law of no mask can contained more than one element, he immediately create the powerful and dark mask called the Mask of Ultimate Power before donning it on his head. However, what he didn't realised that the mask began to take over him as it transformed him into the dark and evil being.The mask power's first manifest was making the island tremble.  

When Ekimu found out of what his brother have done, he immediately knock the evil mask from Makuta's face. 

However even in another life,the Mask of Ultimate Power still resounded across the island,with it's power, Makuta (now in a dark cloud form) managed to bring back from the death soldiers and champions of the ruined Okoto's ancient citadel and corrupting their appereance until being a demonic undead army.Makuta had controll of other rahis of the land,such as skull spiders. 

His new plan was to send the skull spiders to the places were the elemental masks were resting,and rise the Skull Army from Okoto in order to steal the Mask of Creation,in both plans Makuta's pawns were defeated by the Elemental Heroes alongside Ekimu. 




  • Some fans believe that this Makuta's new colour schemes looked exactly the same as Teridax's. In some cases, a few fans refered him as the "new Teridax", honored after the original Teridax who was banished into the Zone of Darkness. However, it have yet to be proven.
  • Despite his status as the Makuta, he does not have a relationship with the Brotherhood of Makuta as they do not met with each other in some ways.
  • In the previous Bionicle Universe, the Makuta was not a name but a appillation to the graced species and guardians who became power-hungry and corruped. Instead in this universe, it is a name.
  • Makuta the Mask Hoarder is the third Makuta to have not died in the series; the first was Miserix and the second was the Alternate Teridax.

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