The story of the cybernetic satanic archetype, Makuta Teridax, from the BIONICLE series.

Early Life

About 100,000 years ago, before the start of the series, Makuta Teridax was brought into being by the Great Beings using the substance known as the Antidermis on the island in one of the southern chains of the Matoran Universe. 

Makuta project leaders by scorpion strike-dan8yw5

Teridax during his time with the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Later, when Miserix founded the Brotherhood of Makuta and became the leader of the organization, he was appointed as the lieutenant of the army of the Brotherhood, who was tasked with maintaining order in the universe and serving the Great Spirit's will. Like all the other Makuta, he was also fulfilling the goal by creating various Rahi to populate the planet as he created various breeds of Rahi, including the Water Wraith, Rahi Nui, etc. Later, Teridax then became the most trusted lieutenant of Miserix, whom he respected.

When Mata Nui and his organization called the Order of Mata Nui came into being, he encountered him and soon, they eventually became both the best friends and brothers as they worked together to protect the universe from many threats.

When Miserix learnt that the Vortixx had charged the price of the trade with the Matoran, he sent Teridax to ask Mutran, the Brotherhood's scientist to accompany both Icarax and his aide Pridak to travel to Xia to negotiate with the Vortixx to lower the price.

When Pridak left the service of the Brotherhood and formed the League of Six Kingdoms, Teridax hired Takadox to act as a spy for the Brotherhood. He and Icarax later attended a meeting with Kalmah and Ehlek, two members of the Barraki  as they came to Destral and demanded that the Brotherhood continue to provide Rahi and anything else they ask for. When Teridax returned to report to Miserix, the latter then ordered his most trusted lieutenant to keep watch on the Barraki.

When the League of Six Kingdoms attack the island of Metru Nu in an attempt to overthrow the Great Spirit, Teridax was ordered to assemble the Brotherhood's army and dispatched to Metru Nui as they were also joined by the alliance of the Toa and the Order of Mata Nui. 

The Brotherhood's Corruption

About a few days later after the Matoran Civil War, Miserix assigned all the members to protect various regions across the universe as Teridax was assigned to protect Metru Nui as the reward of stopping the war. 

After several months later, Teridax eventually became very jealous towards Mata Nui when he realised that he gained all the praises from the Matoran. To make matters worse, he was also influenced by the Barraki's intention of overthrowing the Great Spirit as he began to contemplate on usurping the Great Spirit himself. 

Brotherhood of Makuta

Teridax becomes the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

When Mutran returned to Destral after learning both the workings of the Matoran Universe and how to overthrow the Great Spirit from the being named Tren Krom, he shared his knowledge with Teridax, who listened to Mutran's words without comment. The next day, Teridax called for a convocation and annouced his plan to overthrow the Great Spirit to the assembled Makuta. When Miserix heard of what have happened from the other Makuta, he confronted and attacked Teridax, forcing the two Makuta to fight. Despite Miserix's great strength and power, Teridax eventually emerged victorious after he defeated his leader and as the result of the scene, all but a few Makuta supported him as Gorast and Bitil were the first to approached towards Teridax. Soon one by one, Antroz, Mutran, Icarax, Chirox, Vamprah, Spiriah and Krika sided with Teridax as he then claimed leadership of the Brotherhood.

After the few days later, Teridax ordered Icarax and Gorast to hunt down Miserix's supporters and execute them. He then ordered Miserix's execution to ensure that his former leader will oppose him no longer, though Krika secretly disobeyed his order and Now that the Brotherhood became corrupted, they secretly began to oppress and enslave the Matoran.

Metru Nui

After the few days later after the Toa Hagah's rebellion, Teridax's seal eventually resurfaced in the underground river in Po-Metru of Metru-Nui when he was confronted by the traitorous Po-Matoran named Ahkmou who unwittingly freed him from his prison. After exchanging words, the weakened yet determined Teridax then propose Ahkmou with his plot to capture the Matoran and take over Metru Nui in order to overthrow the Great Spirit himself. Before invading the city, he created the plant-like creature to get the Matoran in his grasp. He then named it Karzahni after the insane ruler that was told in the legend. However, the creature was too willful and Teridax abandoned it. He then created the Morbuzakh for his deadly plot.

Turaga Dume Teridax

Teridax assuming Dume's identity during his takeover of Metru Nui.

He began his initial takeover by having Turaga Dume captured as he had Ahkmou to trick Dume into going into Po-Metru. When Ahkmou and Dume arrived in Po-Metru, Teridax hid in the shadows as Ahkmou then trick Dume into getting stranded inside the tunnels. Teridax then attacked the Turaga and placed him and forced him in the deep sleep in the Matoran Sphere. Using his Shapeshifting power, Teridax disguised himself as Dume, bringing in a pet named Nivawk, which he used 

Mask of Light

Makuta mask of light

Teridax uses his Kraata to create Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk.

Following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal and at the same time in Mangaia, Teridax foresee the discovery of the Avohkii and the coming of the seventh Toa. Fearing that his defeat will be inevitable, he immediately extract out the Kraata from his body and fit them into armors of Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk, thus awakening them. Teridax then ordered them to find the Herald of the seventh Toa and destroy the Avohkii in order to prevent the prophecy from coming true. The three Rahkshi then make their way to Ta-Koro where they destroyed the entire village, only to find both the herald and the mask weren't there.

Teridax remained in his lair as he heard about the three Rahkshi's defeats in Ko-Koro. 

Quest in Voya Nui

After Teridax's defeat, a skakdi group or renegade Dark Hunters who called themselves Piraka, heard about the Makuta's supposed demise, and searched for his lair in hopes of looting whatever left that was valuable.Zaktan already knew, unlike the rest, that Teridax was still alive in his own essence of antidermis, and used his telekinetic powers to reveal the location of the Mask of Life to the Piraka, in Voya Nui. Zaktan made all the preparatives for his overlooking ally, and after they arrived in the island, revealing themselves as Toa, and enslaved the matoran population, the first mandatory was to make a crystall recipe for Teridax, who gave part of his essence to the Piraka in form of green spheres, which were called Zamor Sphearsm,should they be launched, this spheres would physically drain all individuallity in a Matoran, but they were useless against Toa and were particularly benefactory for the Toa Inika and for Brutaka's species. During the events in Voya Nui, Teridax was just a spectator; comunicating only with Zaktan and providing him more Zamor spheres, until one battle with Axxon and Brutaka broke his crystall receptacle, and he came with the next step of his plan, entering into Mahri Nui and abandoning the Piraka to their fate.

Quest in Mahri Nui


Teridax possessing the body of the Maxilos robot.

Once inside the black water in Mahri Nui, Teridax's essence crossed the ocean and eventually stumbled upon the body of Maxilos robot lying on the seabed. He then took control of its body and was then contacted by Gorast, who was relieved of his survival before informing him that the Brotherhood of Makuta had found the location of Karda Nui. He ordered her to inform Icarax to gather all the powerful Makuta and their army to invade Karda Nui and transform as many Av-Matoran as possible into the Shadow Matoran.
Comic Maxilos Frees Matoro Mahri

Teridax frees Matoro from the cell in the Pit.

Later, he traveled towards the Pit where he confronted Matoro, who was captured by the second Hydraxon as he revealed his identity to the Toa Mahri of Ice before freeing him from the cell. They then made an uneasy alliance to find the Kanohi Ignika. They make their move just before they are confronted by the Barraki's army of Zyglak and Takea sharks as the two attacked the army. Teridax chose to hide behind the rock while Matoro faced the Zyglak using the Kanohi Tryna as the Makuta did not want the Barraki to recognize him.

After the battle, Teridax and Matoro later discovered the fragments of the Staff of Artahka as the former then used the power to restore the staff. Teridax then planned to use the Staff of Artahka to restore the Nui Stone. He then began to activate the staff's power but when Matoro tries to stop him, he froze him in one of his stasis fields. Before Teridax could proceed, however, he was stopped by a mutated Brutaka. During the fight, Brutaka successfully knocked the staff off from Teridax as the staff flowed towards the open water, thus ruining Teridax's plan. Brutaka told Matoro to return to the other Toa Mahri and Matoro did, trusting Brutaka over Teridax. 

Mata Nui's Reawakening

As the Brotherhood of Makuta began their invasion on the universe, Teridax traveled to Metru Nui, where he accessed to the Core Processor, located beneath the Coliseum by slipping through the made cracks in the Coliseum's foundation.

He eventually reached his planned destination, which was the former location of Mata Nui's spirit. Before Mata Nui's spirit could return to this location, Teridax arrived and took over the Great Spirit Robot. Believing that the other Makuta will challenge by the time he become the Great Spirit, he then planned to get all of them eliminated in the war.

While Teridax waited the Great Spirit's body to be awaken 

Reign of Shadows

A weeks after Teridax successfully take over the Great Spirit Robot and finally taken over the Matoran Universe, the Toa and their allies were forced to hide in the tunnels of the Archives when Teridax summoned the army of Rahkshi.

Journey's End

Comic Mata Nui Robot Departing Aqua Magna

Teridax leaving the Matoran Universe and head for Spherus Magna.

While contemplating his potential to conquer the rest of the universe, Teridax remembered Mata Nui, trapped in the Ignika as it flew through the universe, and considering finding and crushing his former friend and brother. He then called to the Red Star and departed for the planet called Spherus Magna to kill Mata Nui once and for all. 
Comic Great Spirit Teridax Arriving on Bara Magna

Teridax arrives on Spherus Magna.

After the few days, Teridax arrived on Spherus Magna and sent Nektann, escorted by the few Rahkshi of Heat Vision to find the new allies. While he began his search for Mata Nui, Nektann and their allies traveled to the Black Spike Mountains, where they confronted Stronius, the member of the Rock Tribe and the Skrall as they offered them to conquer the entire universe in exchange of conquering Spherus Magna as Stronius agreed and form the alliance of their two armies.

Later, Teridax and his allies began their full attack on Bara Magna to lure Mata Nui out so that he can kill him. Teridax unleashed the destructive energies of his robot body, vaporizing one of the Black Spike Mountains and killing some of the Skrall there. He then proceed to lay waste on the area and attacked the few Glatorian and Agori there.

It was until Tahu and the Glatorian named Gresh arrive into the scene. They then confronted Teridax and try to attacked him by penetrating his armor with their attacks in order to take him down but their efforts are proved too futile and eventually caught Teridax's attention. 

Final Battle and Death

The Uniters somehow managed to locate Teridax in the Leva Bay of Po-Koro as they engaged him in the battle again. This time, the Uniters decide to remove the mask from Teridax, though the latter at first knocked them off. While the other five distracted Teridax with their attacks, Tahu jumped onto the Makuta and the struggle begins as the Toa of Fire try to pull the mask off from his face. As Tahu was nearly succeeded on removing the mask, Teridax somehow grab him and toss him to the other Uniters. However, the Toa Uniters were able to destroy the Mask of Power (and Teridax's spirit as well), thus killing him once and for all.