Early Life

Over 100,000 years ago, Makuta Teridax was created by the Great Beings and was brought into being

City of Legends

The Great Rescue

The Dark Time

Coming of the Toa Mata

The Mask of Light

Following the defeat of the Bohrok and their queens, the Bahrag, the Kanohi Avohkii, known as the Mask of Light was eventually discovered by Takua in the lava chamber during his Kolhii training with his friend Jaller, a Ta-Matoran and the future Toa Inika. At the same time in Mangaia,
Makuta mask of light

Teridax uses his Kraata to create Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk.

Teridax also foresaw the discovery of the Avohkii and the coming of the seventh Toa. Fearing that his darkness will disappear, he immediately extract out the Kraata from his body and fit them into armors of Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk, thus awakening them. Teridax then ordered them to find the Herald of the seventh Toa and destroy the Avohkii in order to prevent the prophecy from happening. The three Rahkshi then make their way to Ta-Koro where they destroyed the entire village, only to find both the herald and the mask weren't there.

Quest in Voya Nui

Quest in Mahri Nui


Teridax possessing the body of the Maxilos robot.

Once inside the black water in Mahri Nui, Teridax's essence crossed the ocean and eventually stumbled upon the body of Maxilos robot lying on the seabed. He then took control of its body and was then contacted by Gorast, who was relieved of his survival before informing him that the Brotherhood of Makuta had found the location of Karda Nui. He ordered her to inform Icarax to gather all the powerful Makuta and their army to invade Karda Nui and transform as many Av-Matoran as possible into the Shadow Matoran.
Comic Maxilos Frees Matoro Mahri

Teridax frees Matoro from the cell in the Pit.

Later, he traveled towards the Pit where he confronted Matoro, who was captured by the second Hydraxon as he revealed his identity to the Toa Mahri of Ice before freeing him from the cell. They then made an uneasy alliance to find the Kanohi Ignika. They make their move just before they are confronted by the Barraki's army of Zyglak and Takea sharks as the two attacked the army. Teridax chose to hide behind the rock while Matoro faced the Zyglak using the Kanohi Tryna as the Makuta did not want the Barraki to recognize him.

After the battle, Teridax and Matoro later discovered the fragments of the Staff of Artahka as the former then used the power to restore the staff. Teridax then planned to use the Staff of Artahka to restore the Nui Stone. He then began to activate the staff's power but when Matoro tries to stop him, he froze him in one of his stasis fields. Before Teridax could proceed, however, he was stopped by a mutated Brutaka. During the fight, Brutaka successfully knocked the staff off from Teridax as the staff flowed towards the open water, thus ruining Teridax's plan. Brutaka told Matoro to return to the other Toa Mahri and Matoro did, trusting Brutaka over Teridax. 

Mata Nui's Reawakening

Reign of Shadows

A weeks after Teridax successfully take over the Great Spirit Robot and finally taken over the Matoran Universe, the Toa and their allies were forced to hide in the tunnels of the Archives when Teridax summoned the army of Rahkshi, and allied himself with the Skakdi race. His unpredictable outcome was that Mata Nui's spirit placed himself in a prototype robot, less powerful, than the original. Thanks to toa Tahu and the Ignika, the realm of Teridax was severly menaced, and decided to personally clash against his lost brother Mata Nui. The battle ended when Mata Nui pushed Teridax's head into the moon, crashing it in the process and putting an end to his realm and influence forever.