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The people of the world are builders. But look into their hearts, and you will find they also have have the power to destroy. I am that power! I am destruction! And I WILL destroy you.
~ Makuta Teridax
Ah, the brave Toa of fire... now, no more than a match waiting to be extinguished beneath my heel. The plan is finished, Toa! The game is over. And with Mata Nui forever gone, will you fight the air you breath, Toa? The ground that you walked on? Understand - i no longer need to battle you in hopes of ruling the universe. I am the universe!
~ Makuta Teridax to the Toa Nuva after he successfully took over the Matoran Universe

Makuta Teridax (better known simply as Makuta or Teridax) is the main antagonist of the BIONICLE series. He is the villainous leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta as well as the brother-friend of Mata Nui. He was also once the trusted lieutenant of Makuta Miserix. However, his jealousy towards Mata Nui drove him to overthrow the Great Spirit and rule the Matoran, the people he once swore to protect. He is also responsible for masterminding most of the story's events throughout the series and orchestrating everything behind the scenes to achieve his ultimate goal of overthrowing the Great Spirit and taking over the Matoran Universe.

He was voiced by Lee Tockar in the animated series.


I have no allies, for I have no equals.
~ Makuta Teridax to Helryx
Teridax was outright obsessed with absolute power, and in his efforts, made him into the evil leader he is today. He was very treacherous, irredeemable, psychotic, narcissistic, vicious, sadistic, and murderous, as he was willing to commit his actions with the lack of remorse and empathy. Teridax was also very manipulative, traitorous, calculating, duplicitous, and deceptive, as he easily deceives other beings into helping his cause and to get what he wants.

At first, Teridax appeared to be very polite, helpful, reasonable, charismatic, affable and responsible towards the others. However, this actually hides his true personality as he revealed to be very egocentric, uncaring, ruthless, cruel, malevolent, insane, merciless, and megalomaniacal as he viewed his allies and enemies alike as his pawns that were to be manipulated and disposed of when they have outlived their usefulness. He even went so far at betraying them and left them to their fates even if they have aided him.

Teridax also proved to have a unique and extraordinary intellect, even for a Makuta. He was capable of studying and analyzing every possibility that would occur when he began rising his plan and manage to fit together the victories of his enemies, the ambitions, his allies and even his own setbacks into a plan that never seemed to fail.

Teridax was also described as the sociopath as he usually tried to justify his actions and always claimed that it was for the good of the universe. He also proved to be charismatic and ambitious as he demonstrated by convicing the other Makuta of the Brotherhood to join his cause. 

Like all Makuta, Teridax also has a dark, twisted, and sadistic sense of humor.

Other appearances

The Kingdom

Teridax serves as the main antagonist near the end of the story in The Kingdom. In the alternate Matoran Universe where Mata Nui died when Matoro failed to revive him, he survived the Great Spirit's death as he headed back towards Destral and killed Icarax before consuming him. He then began absorbing the fellow Makuta, gaining mass and the knowledge of each one and eventually became the monstrous colossus. 10,000 years later, he he found the way to get through Turaga Takanuva's light barrier; However the devouring of his brothers and sisters left him as little more than a raging, uncontroled beast, without any willing to fight. He was killed (If he was still alive at all) by Matoro after he sacrifices himself, leting Teridax consume him, and with his kanohi, resounding in the insides of the foul makuta, dispersing his antidermis and killing him for good. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Shadow Element: Like all Makuta, Teridax was able to manipulate the element of Shadow for an untold number of applications, from enshrouding his enemies in pitch blackness to unleashing bolts of shadow energy, and even projecting his own spirit through shadows. This could also be shaped into the form of a giant, ethereal hand, which Makuta could use to capture enemies, absorbing them into his essence and becoming more powerful as a result.
  • Master Manipulation: Being the most powerful being in the universe, Teridax's weapon of choice is his manipulation skills. He can also manipulate and control others into doing his bidding. For example; he manipulates the Makuta into defying Miserix's rule and join his cause.
  • Kanohi Kraahkan: This is the Great Kanohi that Teridax wore just before his reign. In addition to as well as filling the hearts of other beings with fear and anger. After his battle with Takanuva, he abandoned the mask along with his body. The mask was eventually destroyed when Icarax was killed in the final battle with Toa Ignika.
  • Shapeshifting: Like the rest of his race, Makuta is able to assume the form of any being or creature he desires, be it a frail Turaga, a savage beast or a swirling void of severed limbs.
  • Kraata Powers: Like all Makuta, Teridax have the ability to channel through the powers of the 42 Kraata powers.
  • Staff of Darkness: He wields a magical staff that harnesses the power of darkness.
  • Antidermis: Like all Makuta due to their evolution, Teridax evolved into an energy-based being comprised of Antidermis, housed in protosteel armor to keep from dissipating. Individuals exposed to this substance became highly suggestible, which the thuggish Piraka used to their advantage when enslaving the Matoran of Voya Nui. Ironically, the gang were unaware that they themselves were being manipulated themselves by Teridax's essence.

List of Victims

  • Several League of Six Kingdom members.
  • Pridak.
  • Matoran Civil War leaders.
  • Miserix.
  • Mata Nui.
  • Dume.
  • Nivawk.
  • Nidhiki.
  • Krekka.
  • Lhikan.
  • The Shadowed One.
  • Karzahni.
  • Several Zyglak.
  • Ehlek.
  • Carapar.
  • Nocturn.
  • Takadox.
  • Zaktan.
  • Norik.
  • Bomonga.
  • Gaaki.
  • Iruini.
  • Kualus.
  • Pouk.
  • Helryx.
  • Guardian.
  • Kulta.
  • Chirox.
  • Bitil.
  • Gali.


  • Despite being the most evil villain in the BIONICLE franchise, Teridax is stated to be Greg Farshtey's favorite character to write about. He also appeared in toyline as one of the toys which were geared by children.
  • Most beings in the Matoran Universe referred to him as "The Makuta", although he was more formally known as The Makuta of Metru Nui until his original name was revealed in the 2008 storyline - even then, he was rarely referred to by the name, except by fellow Makuta and a handful of others.
  • In Bionicle: The Game, Teridax was voiced by Sean Schemmel.
  • According to Greg, Teridax was to take over the Great Spirit Robot and Mata Nui would take over another Robot, but the Makuta's evil intentions caused him to take over the robot early and misuse it.
  • Interestingly, Teridax is also based on Satan/Lucifer. As all of them are the greatest enemies to the benevolent and good deities (Mata Nui and God) and all of them are evil in nature as they seek to corrupt others to do their bidding.
  • Teridax also happened to be voiced by the Japanese male actor named Daisuke Gori, who also voiced as the various villains such as; Heihachi Mishima from Tekken, The Fallen from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, King Cold from Dragon Ball, and other villains as well.
  • So far, Teridax was considered as the most evil and darkest villain among the other Lego villains. While the Lego villains usually aware of their actions, Teridax was willingly to commit atrocious and horrendous acts in his quest for power. He also once successfully crossed the Moral Event Horizon a lot of times.


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