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Villain Overview
The people of the world are builders. But look into their hearts, and you will find they also have have the power to destroy. I am that power. I am destruction! And i WILL destroy you!
~ Makuta Teridax

Makuta Teridax (also known as Teridax) is the main antagonist in the entire BIONICLE series. He is the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta and is once a former lieutenant who served Makuta Miserix, a former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta before overthrowing the latter. Teridax was known to be the mastermind behind the major events of the story as he orchestrated the master plot of overthrowing the Great Spirit Mata Nui and take over the Matoran Universe. 

He also appeared in the 2015 storyline as he survived Toa Tahu's Nova Blast in the aftermath of the battle in Spherus Magna as the main antagonist again alongside Takadox, Lord of the Skull Spiders and his Skull Spiders, Kulta and his Skull Creatures and the Shadow Revenants as he was on the quest on searching for the Mask of Creation to restore his power and claim the universe again. However, he was defeated by being banished into the Field of Shadows by both the Toa Masters and the redeemed Takadox.

He eventually returns in the 2016 storyline as the final main antagonist again as he was freed from the Zone of Darkness by the two MakutaChirox and Bitil as he donned the Mask of Ultimate Power. However, he was eventually killed in the final battle with Toa Tahu.

He was voiced by Lee Tockar in the animated series and the movie.


Makuta Teridax is a being of pure evil. He is very oppressive, sadistic and cruel as he was known to wreak pain, fear, revulsion and hatred towards the others. He is very deceitful, treacherous and manipulative as he easily lied and deceived others to help him in his cause. He is also very arrogant, murderous, destructive, overconfident, narcissistic and megalomaniacal as he was only interested on powers more than others that he deemed unworthy. He was considered as the sociopath.

Teridax is also very barbaric, intimidating, confrontational, obstreperous, persuasive, truculent, uncaring, hateful, greedy and selfish as he easily used others as his pawns and eventually disposed of them when they have outlived their usefulness. Despite his collected demeanor, Teridax is sometimes very wrathful and indignant if his plans did not go along well.

Like all Makuta, Teridax also have the dark sense of sadistic humor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power of Darkness: Like all Makuta, Teridax was capable of create the blasts of shadowy energy and cloak the surrounding area in darkness. 
  • Master Manipulation: Being the most powerful being in the universe, Teridax's weapon of choice is his manipulation skills. He can also manipulate and control others into doing his bidding. For example; he manipulates the Makuta into defying Miserix's rule and 
  • Kanohi Kraahkan: This is the Great Kanohi that Teridax wore during his reign. His mask can also created endless darkness as well as filling the hearts of other beings with fear and anger. Later, the mask was then found by Icarax following his defeat at the hands of Takanuva, the Toa of Light and he wore it before taking over as the leader. The mask was eventually destroyed when Icarax was destroyed by Toa Ignika.
  • Kraata Powers: Like all Makuta, Teridax have the ability to channel through the powers of the 24 Kraata powers.
  • Staff of Darkness:
  • Antidermis: Like all Makuta due to their evolution, Teridax's body was filled with an Antidermis and needed to survive with the use of the armor which made of  . However unlike them, his Antidermis can be used by him for manipulating the others,  for example; he manipulated the Piraka into going into the island of Voya Nui and obtain the Kanohi Ignika.
  • Mask of Creation:
  • Mask of Ultimate Power: When Teridax donned the Mask of Ultimate Power following his release from the Field of Shadows, the mask took control the former, thus turning him into a mindless killing machine as at the point he killed both Chirox and Bitil. Not only the mask granted Teridax a terrifying strength that can even bested the Toa Uniters despite their combined efforts but also caused him to attack anyone and anything in a mindless rage. 

List of Victims

  • Matoran Civil War Leaders- Locked them in the Archives and set the exhibits onto them.
  • Miserix- Defeated him for the leadership of the Brotherhood and ordered his execution.
  • Miserix's Supporters- Have both Icarax and Gorast execute them.
  • Matoran- Oppressed and enslaved by him and the Brotherhood.
  • Chirox- Destroyed him with an energy bolt.
  • Bitil- Cast him into stone and devoured him.
  • Gali- Wounded her with his energy blast.


Despite being an evil character, Teridax was also considered one the most popular villains of all the franchise as he was said to be Greg's favorite character to write about. He also appeared in toy line as one of the toys which were geared by children. 

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  • Teridax is one of Greg Farshtey's favorite characters to write about.
  • Most beings in the Matoran Universe referred to him as "The Makuta", although he was more formally known as The Makuta of Metru Nui until his original name was revealed in the 2008 storyline - even then, he was rarely referred to by the name, except by fellow Makuta and a handful of others.
  • In Bionicle: The Game, Teridax was voiced by Sean Schemmel, who also voiced Makuta Miserix at the same time.
  • According to Greg, Teridax was to take over the Great Spirit Robot and Mata Nui would take over another Robot, but the Makuta's evil intentions caused him to take over the robot early and misuse it.
  • Interestingly, Teridax is also based on Satan and Lucifer. As all of them are the greatest enemies to the benevolent and good deities (Mata Nui and God) and all of them are evil in nature as they seek to corrupt others to do their bidding. 
  • Surprisingly, there was the reason of why Teridax became the protagonist villain in the 2007 storyline. Some fans may believed that the Barraki themselves were once responsible for planning of overthrowing the Great Spirit before he manages to put an end on the rebellion just before his fall to the dark side which turned him to a villain as he was now. In Teridax's case, their conflict eventually leads into the case of Evil vs. Evil.
    • However, it was revealed that he was actually using the others for his selfish goal to hasten his plan while attempt to destroy his enemies who were trying to interfere with his plan.
  • Most surprisingly, Teridax was also happened to be voiced by the Japanese male actor named Daisuke Gori, who also voiced as the various villains such as; Heihachi Mishima from Tekken, The Fallen from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, King Cold from Dragon Ball, and other villains as well.
    • While in his American voice-acting, Teridax's voice is very menacing and sinister and while in the Japanese version, Teridax was sounded as the cocky and grumpy old man.

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