The Makuta are the species that served as the major antagonists in the entire BIONICLE series. They were originally intended to enforce peace and stability in the Matoran universe, until they became corrupted (except for Miserix, who remained neutral in this situation) and began an oppressive and genocidal campaign that spanned the entire storyline.

Not all Makuta are evil, as for example the alternate Teridax was the only Makuta to be a force of good because he purged his inner darkness and became the warrior of light. Miserix on the other hand, remained neutral due to his hatred towards Makuta Teridax when the latter betrayed him when taking over the Brotherhood of Makuta.


About 100,000 years ago, the Makuta species were created by the Great Spirit on the island in the far south of the Matoran Universe. He formed their bodies out of the Antidermis, the green substance created by the Great Beings. Later, several Makuta formed the Brotherhood of Makuta 

At the same time in the planet of Okoto, Makuta the Mask Hoarder was born alongside his brother, Ekimu and both of them worked as the Mask Makers as both of them are honored by the Okotans for their works. 


The Makuta are a group of psychotic and arrogant race. They are also very cruel and sadistic as they viewed other beings as lower beings that will kneeled before them. They are also egotiscal at fault, believing that they occupied a special place in the universe and that they believed themselves as supreme rulers that ruled the universe with iron fist. They possessed a mocking and cynical 

Known Makuta