The Makuta are the species that served as the major antagonists in the BIONICLE series. They were originally intended to enforce peace and stability in the Matoran universe, until they became corrupted (except for Miserix, who remained neutral in this situation) and began an oppressive and genocidal campaign that spanned the entire storyline.

Not all Makuta are evil, as for the example of the alternate Teridax as he was the only Makuta to be a force of good 


About 100,000 years ago, 


The Makuta are a group of psychotic and arrogant race. They are also very cruel and sadistic as they viewed other beings as lower beings that will kneeled before them. They are also egotiscal at fault, believing that they occupied a special place in the universe and that they believed themselves as supreme rulers that ruled the universe with iron fist. They possessed a mocking and cynical 

Known Makuta

  • Makuta Teridax - Former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Makuta of Metru Nui. He was responsible for manipulating events that occured in the main storyline as he intended to conquer the Matoran Universe. He was killed when the Toa Uniters destroyed the Mask of Ultimate Power along with his spirit, which resulted his demise.
  • Miserix - A first and former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta until he was overthrown by Teridax, who took over as their leader. 
  • Icarax - The Makuta of the island of Karzahni. He started off of being the membebecame the leader of the Brotherhood following Teridax's missing whereabout and was one who launched the invasion on Karda Nui. He died during the final battle with Toa Ignika when he was destroyed from within after the former absorbed the latter.
  • Antroz - The Makuta of Xia who served as the member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was eventually killed by the Energy Storms when Mata Nui was reawakened once more.
  • Vamprah - 
  • Chirox - 
  • Krika - 
  • Gorast - A violent and brutal Makuta of Tren Krom 
  • Bitil -
  • Mutran - 
  • Spirial
  • Kojol
  • Tridax
  • Makuta of Stelt
  • Alternate Teridax- The good version of Teridax that came from the universe where he never betrayed Mata Nui and remained as the warrior of light. He eventually arrived into the main universe where he assist the heroes in their battle against the Brotherhood of Makuta.