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Confrontation Beast Mantis-Fist Makirika is a Beast-Man of Rinjuken Akugata and the first to face the Gekiranger in combat.


The first Rinrinshī the Gekirangers faced and master of the Confrontation Beast Mantis-Fist style, which allows him to cut through any material with his forearms. Due to his fighting style, Makirika tends to calls an enemy's death a "prayer". Makirika is sent to retrieve the "Kenma Bracelet" from Miki Masaki before she could make it to the Beast Origin Village, with Jan Kandou caught in the crossfire.

He later attacked the city and was man-handled by Jan before being easily defeated non-violently by Master Sha-Fu once grown to giant size, but, obtaining a second chance with Mele's help, unconcerned with the detrimental side effects of her Infinite-Violent Wave Ringi as he tore down the dam to flood the city and invoke fear on the masses. In the end, he is destroyed by Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja's Great Firm-Firm Fist.

Modus and Arsenal

Mantis Ringi

  • Hill Splitting Fist
  • Mantis Flashing Cut


  • Height: 215 cm to 53.7m
  • Weight: 78 kg to 19.5 tons

See Also

  • Mantor - Power Rangers counterpart in Jungle Fury.

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