Vicious demons known as the gods of battle and combat, the mighty Makhai are two-headed, double-torso'd, sword-wielding killing machines. Each of these deadly duos is composed of two fallen souls from the underworld that have been conjoined and forced to fight as one creature for all eternity. The Makhai's ability to attract fellow spirits of war and death on the battlefield make them even more formidable, with the power to destroy entire armies in one overwhelming attack.
~ Official movie site description

The Makhai are supporting antagonists in the 2012 film Wrath of the Titans.

Physical Appearance

Makhai possess two upper bodies attached by the backs and each bodies have two separate heads. They possess multiple arms which hold two swords in each hand, have charred and corroded skins with lava lines running on their bodies, making them appear as if their bodies are made of volcanic rocks, and faces look deformed.


The Makhai are the servants of Kronos and were imprisoned in Tartarus with him. After the humans stopped to pray the gods, the walls of Tartarus start to crumble and the Makhai finally break free. Hades and Ares make alliance with Kronos and take command of the Makhai. Makhai are personified manifestation of wars.

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Ares reunite in Tartarus in order to rebuild the walls, however Hades sends the Makhai attack them. They throw their lava on Zeus and Poseidon, who use their weapons to shoot lightnings on them, but one of the Makhai manages to severely injure Poseidon while Ares defeats Zeus. Poseidon then teleports to the Mount of Idols where he dies from his injuries.

Later, the Makhai help Ares to enchain Zeus before bringing him to Kronos so he could absorb his remaining powers and free himself.

Once Kronos is released from Tartarus, he sends the Makhai confront Argos army. They manage to slay many soldiers, but some of them are killed by firing catapults and another is also killed by Agenor. Andromeda engages the fight with her infantry and they subdue one of the Makhai before she kills him, then a second attacks her and defeats her. The Makhai eventually overwhelm Andromeda's army, however Zeus and a redeemed Hades join the battle and use their powers to defeat most of the Makhai.

Additional Appearance

Titans Attack

Either Perseus or Andromeda (depending on whom player chooses) must make his/her way through the Argive army camp, and defeat hordes of Makhai at the camp, and then a second wave of Makhai army located at hill in order to ultimately get to Kronos.