The Makara Family is a family of villains from Andrew Hussie's webcomic Hoemstuck. They are an insane family that believes the time traveling demon Lord English. The 3 family members are, Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makara, and The Grand Highblood.

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Kurloz Makara

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in his early life, Kurloz Makara lived with his matesprite Muelin. One day, Kurloz made a horrid noise in his sleep when he had a nightmare which made Murlin deaf for life. Kurloz then decided to chew off his tounge and sew his mouth shut so it can never happen again. He was killed when Meenah Peixes launched a bomb that killed him and everyone else. He reincarnated as The Grand Highblood but his ghost is helping Gamzee Makara kill everyone in the name of Lord English.

The Grand Highblood

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The Grand Highblood is the reincarnation of Kurloz Makara. He is the brutal and sadistic dictator of the juggalo cult which represent Lord English. He captured disbelievers of his cult and killed them. He loved to paint his walls with the blood of his victims. His death is unknown but he was belevied to be killed by Terezi Pyropes ancestor.

Gamzee Makara

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Gamzee Makara is an insane clown wannabe who raised Caliborn and believes in Lord English. He can get extremely strong when angry (seeing as how he brutally surpassed Equius in strength and killed the Black King). He gets most of his traits from The Grand Highblood and is currently helping Kurloz Makara kill everyone in the name of Lord English.