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Major von Brugge was a villain appearing in the TV series The Rat Patrol.

Von Brugge was an Afrika Korps officer with a grudge against Sergeant Sam Troy. A past encounter with the Rat Patrol left him with an injured leg which made him limp. He sought revenge by having Troy's brother captured and used as bait, while his subordinate Lieutenant Hardt led the Rat Patrol into a minefield. Over the protests of his other subordinate, Lieutenant Koenig, von Brugge fully intended that Hardt get killed in the process.

Hardt ruined things when he tried to kill Troy himself at the minefield and was shot by Jack Moffitt. An enraged von Brugge his men to attack the Rats, but a surprise attack left Koenig dead and his men scattered. Out of his mind and determined that Troy not escape, von Brugge came after Troy personally, but accidentally stepped on one of his own mines and was blown up.

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