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Major Volkmann is the primary antagonist of the film Escape to Athena. He was played by Anthony Valentine.

Volkmann was an officer in the SS. He was a rival of Major Otto Hecht's. He was in charge of all of the SS on an unnamed Greek island, and along with his subordinates Captain Reistoffer and Lieutenant Braun kept the islanders in a grip of deadly fear.

During a firefight between the SS and the Greek partisans following the liberation of the prison camp Stalag III, Volkmann took a young boy hostage and attempted to use him as a human shield. Major Hecht, who had by this time joined the resistance, ran over and took the unprepared Volkmann by surprise, punching him and taking the boy away from him. He knocked Volkmann over a fruit seller's cart as he escaped and got the child to safety. After all of his men were killed, Volkmann fled on a motorcycle, but was chased by Charlie, who shot him and killed him.

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