Major Samuelson (normal guise)


Samuelson's demonic form (Faceless One)

Major Samuelson was a villain from World of Warcraft who despite being a member of the Twilight Hammer had managed to fool the King of Stormwind into thinking he was a soldier, gaining his trust long enough to stand in Stormwind Keep by the King's side and act as his ally whilst secretly allowing Twilight cultists into the city.

Major Samuelson's ultimate plan was to ignite a massive bomb in Stormwind's cathedral and thus kill thousands of innocent civilians, which very nearly came to being until the adventurer defeated the mad Black Bishop, who was working on Samuelson's behalf.

The adventurer proceeded to find evidence in the cathedral of Samuelson's involvement and rushed to Stormwind Keep to publically confront the traitor - who mocked the adventurer, as he revealed himself as Faceless One and recklessly tried to slay the King in front of his surprised guards and the teenage prince.

However Samuelson ultimately failed and was slain by the adventurer, ending his threat to Stormwind once and for all.