Major Man is the titular character of the Powerpuff Girls episode Major Man.

His voice actor, Jeff Bennett has also done other villains such as H.A.R.D.A.C., Ozzy, Bradley Uppercrust III and Tong Fo.


He is a deliberate competitor of the PowerPuff Girls. He was a charlatan superhero who set up all the disasters he prevented, regardless of who was harmed.

The girls revealed his deceptive nature by setting up a monster battle which he lost and confessed his crimes that he set up.

He was last seen leaving Townsville, humiliated by the girls, and hated by the people. He wears a white jumpsuit and blue gloves, boots, and spandex with a red cape, as well as a large blue "M" on his chest, and a belt with the letters "MM."

He apparently lives with his grandmother, and with his cousin, who helped him as well to fake a mugging.

List of his false rescues

  • The Giant fire: Major man started it.
  • The Robber and the old lady: Played by his cousin and grandmother.
  • The Train Wreck: Major man wrecked the tracks.
  • The thugs who attacked the old man: Major man hired them to do that.
  • The man in wheelchair: not directly explained, but it is assumed that Major Man threw the banana peel with which the man's wheelchair slipped.
  • The dog almost gets killed on the street by vehicles: Major Man kicked the dog in the street (The Powerpuff Girls witnessed this from above the clouds)


  • Major Man is a parody of Superman, from the stylized "M" on his chest (similar to the "S" on Superman's chest) to the saying "It is a bird; no it is a plane; NO IT IS SUPERMAN," replacing Major Man for Superman. He also has a body shape and suit color similar to Major Glory, and both of their names start with "Major". He also has a hairstyle similar to Johnny Bravo's.
  • He fakes his heroism and stops the threat that he sets up like Krall.
  • Unknown to Major Man (and all of Townsville, for that matter), the Powerpuff Girls had set up the monster attack by enlisting the aid of Fred, a friendly monster. The Powerpuff girls set up the disaster to trap Major Man, like he did to become popular. The Powerpuff girls still saved him but after he reveals the truth about his heroics.
  • Major Man does appear to possess actual superpowers, however he lacks the courage and integrity to be a genuine superhero.


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