We have lost, Colonel. It's hopeless. Look at those men. A defeated army.
~ Major Herren

Major Herren was a supporting villain of the movie The Train. He was portrayed by Wolfgang Preiss.


Major Herren was a Heer officer who was in command of a train carrying several German tanks out of occupied France. While stopping over at the station at Vaires to switch from a civilian locomotive to an armored military one, Herren's train came under attack by Allied planes. The armored locomotive was destroyed. He later accompanied Colonel Franz von Waldheim. He didn't share von Waldheim's passion for the French paintings he was transporting, and, eventually, seeing that the Colonel was obsessed, convinced von Waldheim's men to abandon him and join a retreating convoy of German soldiers being led by a major. Herren tried to convinced von Waldheim to come with them, but he refused. Herren got into the other major's Kübelwagen and drove off with him.