Major Dr. Ghastly
Major Doctor Andedonia J. Ghastly is a brilliant scientist working for Hector Con Carne and a character in Evil Con Carne and its sister series Billy & Mandy.


Unlike her co-horts, Ghastly is easily the most calm and rational member of the group. While she may use these inventions to help Hector Con Carne in his desire for world conquest, in reality she hopes that someday he'll reciprocates her feelings.


Ghastly originally wanted to be a dental assistant. A mad scientist, she joined Professor Death Ray Eyes before she shortly dropped out. Ghastly is the brains behind all Hector's plans. Ghastly does not really seem to be intent on taking over the world; she is more interested in inventing things and getting closer to Hector. She has a huge crush on Hector but he's too ignorant to see her love for him. She enjoys making gadgets and trying to impress Hector. At some point in the future, she and Hector get married and have a son who is a hero. Which is shocking especially since Hector lost his reproductive system.


  • Voiced by Grey DeLisle who voices Mandy, Asajj Ventress, Azula and Vicky. Ghastly is one of her most famous voice roles.
  • Many fans consider Ghastly a cartoon sex symbol.
  • Considering her personality, Ghastly has no desire for evil deeds, but only choose to to get closer to Hector Con Carne, which would ultimately label her as a In Love Villain