Major Burrows is a boss in the games Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He lives on one of the planets in the Gusty Garden Galaxy and is the leader of the Under-grunts that wreck havoc there. When he is first encountered, he is trying catch and possibly eat a star bunny, and he acts as a returning boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the Boss Blitz Galaxy.


Burrows is an abnormaly large and pudgy, maroon-coloured Undergrunt. He wears a blue spiny shell as a helmet and has light blue eyes that are often dilated when his expression changes. He has long bushy eyebrows (similar to Bowsers) that are white, and has large rounded cheeks. He has a large tannish-coloured belly, and a fleshy coloured tail. When angry, Major Burrows's helmet turns red and his eyes are golden yellow, with no visible pupils.

Super Mario Galaxy

Major Burrows

Burrows fighting Mario.

He appears in the level "the dirty tricks of Major Burrows" where he is attempting to eat a star bunny. Mario has to ground pound to send him out of the ground, then Mario star-spins him and Burrows loses a life point. After being ground pownded and star spinned again, burrows gets angry and forgets about the star bunny, and tries to kill Mario. This part is harder asin a rage, burrows is moving faster. After a final ground pound and star spin, burrows is thrown into the air and defeated. Mario is rewarded with a power star.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

He is the third boss Mario fights in the boss blitz galaxy. The battle is exactly the same, but Burrows is not after a star bunny, he is after Mario.