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Major Bludd

Major Bludd (Sebastain Bludd) is a mercenary working for Cobra Organization. Born in Sydney, Australia, Sebastian Bludd was trained by the Australian Special Air Force, served with that regiment in South East Asia, left to join the French Foreign Legion and saw action in Algeria, all before becoming a Cobra mercenary.

He worked as a military advisory in a number of hostiles countries where he acts terrorism against peaceful governments throughout Europe. He is wanted on three continents (especially Rhodesia, Libya) for numerous war crimes, and even a few crimes against humanity. Bludd has a tactical mind like a steel trap, and is proficient with all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms.

He has a weapons qualification of sharpshooter and is adept with plastic explosives, long-ranged sniper rifles, garrotes, blunt instruments, poisoned ice picks, Saturday night specials, and anything with spikes. He is easily indentified by his eyepatch and Snidley Whiplash-style mustache

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