Your explanation does not satisfy me. ... I am Wehrmacht, not Gestapo, Herr Conductor. But if you refuse to talk I'll hand you over to a department that will make you talk.
~ Achbach

Major Achbach is the main antagonist of the 1966 French comedy La grande vadrouille (released in English-speaking countries as Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At!). He was played by Benno Sterzenbach.


Achbach was an officer in the Heer Infantry in Nazi-occupied France. He was tasked with hunting down and capturing a group of RAF pilots led by Sir Reginald Brook. Achbach was very boisterous, loud and commanding. He considered himself an honorable officer, but was willing to use the threat of being turned over to the SS in an effort to entice French orchestra conductor Stanislas Lefort to give up Alan MacIntosh, who he'd been hiding.

When Lefort refused to betray MacIntosh, Achbach promised to hand him over to the SS, but only after his scheduled performance for the visiting General Otto Weber. Achbach and his men guarded him closely until then. A botched assassination attempt against Weber allowed Lefort to escape. Later he and his aide Leutnant Stuermer went to get him, stopping off at the Hotel du Globe along the way, unaware that Lefort and Augustin Bouvet were there. After showering, he unknowingly went into their room, thinking it was his and Stuermer's.

By the time he was asleep, Lefort returned from an unsuccessful attempt to raid the hotel's pantry and got into bed, thinking the loudly snoring form of Achbach was Bouvet. Only in the morning did Lefort realize the truth! He quickly managed to slip out without awakening the Major. He was then driven to go pick up Cunningham. While he was there, Lefort and Bouvet were brought in, and he attempted to interrogate them, but they were rescued by Brook and MacIntosh, who also freed Cunningham.

Pursuit was rendered difficult first because the British pilots had set fire to the building, and then because they'd popped the tires on all the Germans' vehicles. He and some men gave chase in two newly arrived halftracks, but his quarry managed to escape nonetheless thanks to the poor shooting of a cross-eyed gunner.