Fat Load

Major took in Big Time and started to use him as a muscle in becoming a big player in the Gotham criminal underworld, however Big Time was unhappy with his role since Major said he was the brains and that Big Time was the muscle. Big Time felt that he didn't have any of his own friends in the business and that the Major wasn't treating like a partner despite the fact that Major promised to give Big Time a chance when he feels that Big Time is ready for it.

Big Time later arranged for his old school friend Terry McGinnis to be kidnapped and tried to get Terry to join in because Big Time had no other friends. Terry was outraged this since he realized that Big Time was in this for himself and refused which outraged his friend. The Major then arrived and was disgusted that Big Time brought in an outsider and began to yell at him for that. Terry tried to escape, however Major's thugs started firing at Terry and Major sent Big Time after him. Terry managed to escape the thugs, however he got attacked by Big Time who couldn't bring himself to kill his best friend and was now fearful for his life. Terry decided to tip off Commissioner Barbara Gordon about the Major and Barbara can make it look like she capture Big Time before all this happened. Big Time was reluctant until Terry reassured him that Bruce Wayne will use his resources to cure him.

Major and his team tried to escape the hideout, however they were attacked by the GCPD. Major tried to escape while the shoot out occurred, however he was knocked out by Barbara Gordon who was in the alleyway and presumed to have been taken into police custody.

However, Big Time revealed that he took advantage of Terry just so he could takeover the Major's organization. Fortunately, Big Time was never able to achieve his goal after an encounter with both Batman and Bruce Wayne.