Majid Sadiq is the leader of an anti-Western terrorist group called The Engineers and he is the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. He is voiced by actor Carlo Rota.



Sadiq was born in London, England, into the third generation of a family of Pakistani decent, and was recruited into Secret Intelligence Service right out of university. British Intelligence had deemed Sadiq a perfect agent, as he was Middle Eastern without political or religious whatsoever. However, on an undercover mission in Iraq, he was flipped when a U.S. drone strike bombed an insurgent training camp near the Persian border and the village he was stationed at was nearly destroyed. Sadiq was then burnt by MI6 and they attempted to capture him, but he evaded the British Intelligence. They listed him as K.I.A., but is secretly the 5th most wanted individual in the United Kingdom.

Since then, Sadiq had become the leader of The Engineers, an anti-western terrorist group aiming to remove American influence in other countries in the world.

The Blacklist

Fourth Echelon first identifies Sadiq at compound in Mirawa, Iraq on a video of him executing a U.S. soldier by slitting his throat before threatening the viewer. Later, after Sam Fisher was critically injured by nerve gases, he was brought to Sadiq for interrogation (and possibly execution). However, before Sadiq can go any further, he was interrupted by Isaac Briggs, who engaged in a firefight with the former. Once he ran out of rounds in his Makarov PM-B, Sadiq made a run for it after Briggs went against orders from Sam to take a final shot. Upon finding out about the failure of American Consumption and American Freedom, he and The Engineers sped up the Blacklist, going two days until an attack instead of seven, and remotely sabotages the C-147B Paladin (but Fourth Echelon managed to restart with the help of Andriy Kobin). But with the amount of time that 4E was distracted, Sadiq was able to successfully carry out American Fuel and push the U.S. Government to "Continuity of Government".

After retaking the LNG Terminal in Sabine Pass, Louisiana, Fourth Echelon went to Denver to stop Sadiq against President Caldwell's orders. Sadiq manages to capture the Secretary of Defense and had him slightly tortured in order to transfer data files to whoever is backing the Engineers (which was The Engineers' actual plan for the whole time, because he knew the United States would never agree with their demands). While one of his men were lopping off the Secretary of Defense's left ring finger, Sadiq captures Briggs and cuts out his sub-dermal radio with his karambit and crushes it, but not before warning Fisher to stay away if Briggs knows what is good for him. After bringing Briggs to the war room, he threatens the Defense Secretary enough to start the file transfer. However, before going any further, Briggs grabs the Secretary and employs Fifth Freedom by breaking his neck, thus killing him and preventing Sadiq from getting what he wants.

After beating up Briggs and radios his men to leave the bunker, Sadiq gathers the hostages (with Fisher acting among the hostages) and proceeds with boarding and hijacking the Paladin. Unfortunately for Sadiq, all of his men were killed by a team of Delta Force snipers due to Sam killing his hostage taker, but he wounds Briggs in the left arm and runs for the Paladin. He was then stopped by Fisher when the latter slits his leg in two places. Sadiq then reveals to Fisher that he and The Engineers were working for and backed by twelve rogue nations and threatens that if Fisher kills him right here, those nations will rise up in his defense, or if he were to be put on a war crimes trial, Sadiq will "spill every secret he knows", possibly giving the twelve nations the correct means to attack, meaning that either way, it would lead to a negative mass event. Having no other option, Fisher employs the Fifth Freedom and unofficially imprisons Sadiq.


After the failure of the Blacklist, Sadiq was last seen in an interrogation room (possibly Guantanamo Bay in Cuba), being approached by a fully recovered Victor Coste, although Sadiq was announced dead by Caldwell to ensure the greater good of the public.