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This is Mailer. He was Infected three days ago. Mailer, Jim. Jim, Mailer.
~ Henry West introduces Mailer to Jim.
~ Mailer

Mailer is a fictional zombie, one of the Infected and the tertiary antagonist in 28 Days Later. He is one of Henry West's men and was Infected in the middle of the Outbreak.

He is played brilliantly by Marvin Campbell.


Mailer probably disagreed with West about rebuilding by rape, and thus West had no worries about chaining him up outside and essentially letting him starve to death.

Role in the film

Mailer was given food each day but, to the soldiers' surprise, he ignored it. This proved the Infected didn't eat. He was also constantly drooling blood. His capture was useful to the men, it gave them a chance to study the Infected, and, in West's words, "tell them how long it takes for the Infected to starve to death."

Mailer was introduced to Jim when Jim arrived, giving him an idea. Later, Infected attacked the mansion, no doubt attracted by the chained Mailer.

When West and Clifton took Jim to the woods to be executed for rebellion, Jim escaped and unleashed Mailer by shooting his locks and freeing him, and, perhaps in a warped sense of gratittude, Mailer looked at Jim for a while before running off into the house in rage and killing or Infecting the soldiers. Mailer went on a rampage and although Henry West avoided him for a while, he was eventually seized out of the back of the taxi and dragged out by Mailer when Hannah reversed West into Mailer's reach deliberately in vengeance and Mailer killed West. Then he shrieked in anger into the night.

He died of starvation with other Infected in the next few weeks.


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