The Magpie is the main antagonist of The Seventh Brother. She isn't actually evil; just paranoid and big on the forest's animals doing things normally. She is female in the English version, but male in the German version.

She is first seen freaking out to a mother bird over a complaint from The Hawk losing his breakfast (J.C.) due to Tiny saving the latter, and she also freaks out to other animals over the Rabbit family adopting Tiny and "breaking the laws of the forest".

Nobody listens to her, as they like Tiny. She intends to have the rabbits killed for it, such as when a fox was chasing them, and when they were in danger of a waterfall (which she laughs at, thinking it will teach them a lesson).

Later, when she sees Tiny just resting due to having risked his life to save the rabbit family, she thinks she was right to have said he doesn't belong in the forest, and she also says that dogs don't know how to prepare for winter. When a weasel is about to eat her, Tiny saves her life, and she changes her mind.