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I'm so, so thankful for all of your help! High five, low five, all that.
~ Magolor

Magolor is the hidden main antagonist of Kirby's Return to Dreamland, also known as Kirby: Return to Dreamland or Kirby's Adventure Wii, and hails from the dimension know as Halcandra. He is the pilot of his flying ship, the Lor Starcutter.


Before the game starts, Magolor tries to use the Lor Starcutter to overthrow the ruler of Halcandra, Landia, and steal the Master Crown to gain immense power and control the universe. However, he fails, his ship is damaged and Magolor flees into another dimension.

He crashes into the planet Popstar, and several key parts of the Lor Starcutter break off the ship and scatter across the land. However, Magolor meets up with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and the Bandana Waddle Dee and he convinces them to help him fix his ship. They manage to find all five missing parts and the Lor Starcutter can fly again. Magolor then decides to use the foursome to help him defeat Landia, and tricks them into coming to Halcandra and helping him.

Once Landia is defeated by Kirby and friends, Magolor comes in and steals Landia's Master Crown, reveals his intentions and flies through a dimensional portal towards Popstar. However, the four heroes chase after him on Landia and destroy the Starcutter. He then engages in a battle between his former pawns in a two phase battle, but in the end is defeated as the Master Crown shatters. Magolor vanishes into light, yet manages to somehow survive later (presumably teleported away). Magolor appears again in Kirby's Dream Collection, having built a theme park for Kirby apparently to make up for his previous actions. Magolor can be raced in the Special Edition, and apparently is embracing some of his darker powers.

At the end of the game, Magolor departs with the Lor Starcutter and bids Kirby farewell before riding off.


“I'm so, so thankful for all of your help! High five, low five, all that.“

“Hi there! My name is Magolor. I'm from another dimension, but I just love Planet Popstar. I can't get enough of it! Things got a bit hectic when I first arrived, but that's all in the past, thanks to Kirby. To make up for all that fuss, I built Kirby a theme park right here in Dream Land! It's got special stages where you can play with different Copy Abilities. You know, some of those stages can be a bit difficult... Hmmm... Oh, but I know YOU'LL be just fine! Why don't you try to clear them all? You can even face off against me in some of the stages! Hee hee hee...! So,what do you say...? Are you ready to check out my amazing theme park? Let's go!”

"The great hero, Kirby, hailing from Dream Land on Planet Pop Star."

"I´m so lucky to have met you. Me, friends with the legendary Kirby!"

"Bravo, Kirby. You´ve truly earned your reputation as a hero."

"The source of limitless power... The Master Crown!"

"Maybe later you can give me your autograph."


  • Magolor strongly hints that he knows another Kirby villain, Marx.
  • It is possible Magolor was no longer evil by the time of the final battle, and was being controlled by the Master Crown itself. This is evidence when Magolor Soul's description refers to him as a sad shell. This is further supported by his redemption in the next game.
  • Magolor is the only Kirby villain to ever redeem himself, aside from Taranza and King Dedede.
  • It is theorized that the master crown contains the essence of 02, which is supported by Magolor Soul's mouth eye. With that in mind,  Magolor is categorized as Possessed/Brainwashed. (Via this theory)


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