Magnifico de Vandimion is the youngest son of Federico de Vandimion III and Lady Vandimion.


Initially introduced debating with his father, he leaves to find his sister, Farnese has come back to the kingdom to ask for a favor. As he sees an opportunity to manipulate his weak-willed sister in a time of need, he offers to take up her request to arrange for boats to carry across her friends to an undisclosed location, only if she were to marry his closest friend Roderick. She agrees to, much to his delight, hoping to seize the moment to gain some influence from within the kingdom in the process. As soon as his mother realizes his plan, she scolds him, and warns him of the consequences of manipulating his sister in such a way. Before the marriage can go ahead, the kingdom comes under attack by Emperor Ganishka himself, along with his Kushan army.

Magnifico, along with his ally Roderick, there after tag along with Guts and his band to escape the massacre. Shortly thereafter, Magnifico, along with the entirety of Guts crew, along with a few other passengers head onto the boat arranged for them to escape the ensuing battle and head for Elfhelm, said to be a haven for elves, in hopes of fully healing both Guts and Casca.