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Magnet Bomber is a villain from Super Bomberman 2 and acts as the boss of level 1-7, he vaguely resembles a darker version of Bomberman and like the hero can set powerful bombs.

Magnet Bomber's bombs are easily distinguished by their blue coloration and magnet symbol, Magent Bomber's bombs also have the ability to home in on Bomberman if the hero gets too close.

After his defeat in level 1-7 Magnet Bomber hops into a giant robot and acts as the boss of level 1-8.

Magnet Bomber's giant robot has extendible arms with boxing gloves and attacks via trying to punch out Bomberman - however despite its size the machine is not very difficult to defeat.

After being defeated a second time Magnet Bomber is seemingly destroyed for good as Bomberman blows up his area and moves on to deal with the other villains of the story.

Although seemingly destroyed Magnet Bomber returns alongside the other villains of Super Bomberman 2 (officially known as the Fiendish Bombers) for Super Bomberman 3.

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