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Magmion is an antagonist in Gormiti- The Invincible Heroes Of Nature. He is the head of the Lava/Fire clique in the film, programme and series of toys. He is a close minion of Obscurio, the main antagonist and a minion of Magor, the true main antagonist. 


When the Lava King is sick of the Gormiti's being the heroes they want to be, he arises two of his favourite minions, Lavion (Bringer of Terror) and Magmion (Bringer of Evil) to bring destruction to the homes of the Gormiti.The Lava King errupts the volcano he summons his warriors into and pours a small amount of lava over the villages. Lavion sets fire to the homes in Gorm whilst Magmion tears them to shreds with his clawed and daggered hand. That was when Magmion became the leader of the Fire/Lava clique. 


Magmion is red, with two struts coming out of his yellow spotted shoulders. He has a gray tail which is his primary weapon. He has some pant-looking things over his hips. His left hand is a claw with sharp nails, wheras his right hand is a grayish dagger. His shins and feet are coloured grey. He has three yellow stripes on top of his bright red head.


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