The Magic Mushroom is the secondary antagonist of Tonic Trouble. He is a mushroom resembling a wizard, and has magical power.

When Ed nearly had all the parts for Doc's machine that would send him to Grögh's Kingdom, the Magic Mushroom appeared and stole the final part, the sixth Piggy, taking it to his hideout so that he could conquer meat fiber with vegetable fiber.

Once Ed collected enough Antidotes, he was able to enter the Magic Mushroom's Hideout and battle him on a lava platform. This is possibly the longest boss fight in Tonic Trouble. Ed could only damage him by shooting him with his Peashooter (which now had infinite ammo) when his shield was down. In battle he used magic attacks, electricity, and raised four disappearing platforms in an attempt to make Ed fall in the lava.

Eventually the Magic Mushroom was damaged to the point of his shield no longer being indestructable. Cursing Ed for this, he used his "avant-garde attack" and shot balls of electricity at Ed. Ed shot his shield 10 times to deactivate it and then shot him. He had to do the entire process three times, but the third hit with the Peashooter finally defeated the Magic Mushroom. After relinquishing the sixth pig, the Magic Mushroom fell into the lava.


  • The Magic Mushroom is one of two characters in the game to say "Damn", the other being Grögh
  • Magic mushrooms are a type of drug.
  • His final words were "My kingdom for this pig!" This is a reference to a line in William Shakespeare's Richard III "My kingdom for a horse!"