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Maggie chow

Maggie Chow is a major antagonist in the videogame Deus Ex. She is a former action movie actress from Hong Kong who then turned into a member of the secret organization Majestic 12. She manipulates the triads into fighting each other in a costly and pointless conflict by order from Bob Page in order to weaken them without bringing attention from outside influences.

In order to ignite a war between the Red Arrow and the Luminous Path triads, she murdered the Red Arrow leader's Yuen Kong and stole the Dragon's Tooth sword. She also seduced Kong's successor, Max Chen, and convinced him that the Luminous Path was responsible. Thus the Red Arrow started a conflict with the Luminous Path which led to the deaths of various civilians.

However, the truth was uncovered by JC Denton with the help of Tracer Tong, leading to a truce between the two factions.

With her plans ruined, Chow attempts to kill JC but she was defeated.

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