The world is about to change... Your existence won't belong there!
~ Tohru Adachi
Magatsu Izanagi is an evil Persona from Persona 4, used by Tohru Adachi.

As with those whom Persona awakened by Izanami, Adachi gained the ability to conjure his Persona that took basic form of an Izanagi where how those Izanagi-formed Personas looked like still depended on user's psyche. Unlike Yuu's Izanagi whom looked dignified because of his good heart, Adachi's malice and nihilistic view of the world warped his Izanagi Persona into monstrous creature and beast-like Magatsu Izanagi.


In spite of his appearance and name serves as homage to myth regarding Izanagi's condition after his body covered by filth due to ill-fated mission to retrieve Izanami from Yomotsu Hirasaka, this Izanagi allegorizes the reversed Fool Arcana: impulsiveness, poor judgement, obsession and frivolity. Adachi acted on impulse when he murdered Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi because they both weren't interested in him. He shows poor judgement when he underestimated Yuu and his group during their confrontation. Additionally, he was obsessed with keeping his "cat-and-mouse" game alive. Adachi also lacked seriousness during his interactions with the Investigation Team and Yuu's family in spite of him capable to hide his malevolent side.

Magatsu-Izanagi also represents "Emptiness"; Adachi himself represents "Emptiness", distaste for the world at large, in Izanami's experiment to determine the value of humanity, which further shows Magatsu-Izanagi's connection to the Fool Arcana. In fact, Adachi's nihilistic view on life and distaste for the world reflected by Magatsu Izanagi's own threatening, bloodied, and chaotic nature as he fought Yuu's pure and benevolent Izanagi. Not only that, the difference can be seen when they moves and casting spells: Due to Yuu's good heart nature, Yuu's Izanagi looks more dignified, whilst Magatsu Izanagi makes more arrogant, feral, and threatening movements. Also, unlike Izanagi, Magatsu Izanagi wields his spear in an under-hand fashion.

In Persona 4 Golden, Yuu can also gained his own version of Magatsu Izanagi as one of his Personas in his disposal through his Wild Card power that allowed him to possesses multiple Personas alongside his original ones where each of them represented his bonds to friends and loved ones. In Yuu's Magatsu Izanagi's case, this represented his bonds with Adachi up until he learned the he was the killer who responsible for Mayumi and Saki's death. Monstrous traits that Yuu's Magatsu Izanagi had however, gave an entirely different symbolism: Yuu's Magatsu Izanagi shared Adachi's Magatsu Izanagi's monstrous nature because he reflects on his negative view on Adachi himself upon learning the latter as the killer and disgust on his nihilistic view on the world.


After his involvement in murders at Inaba uncovered by Yuu and co., he fled into Midnight Channel through a large TV where injured Namatame previously contained. Yuu and and his fellow Investigational Team gang managed to track him down with help of Teddie aka. Kuma in the same world, but to their surprise, Adachi revealed to have better control over part of Midnight Channel manifested from his warped psyche. In spite of the odds and difficulties that Adachi sets on them, Yuu and co. able to pressed on, and eventually faced him.

During their confrontation, the gang were surprised that Adachi counteract their Personas with his own version of Izanagi, Magatsu Izanagi. Magatsu Izanagi proved to be more powerful than Yuu's Izanagi, but in spite of it, Yuu and co. managed to defeat him and Magatsu Izanagi in the end.

It's later revealed how Adachi awakened his monstrous Persona and why his said Persona took the form of Izanagi was because of Izanami's power to awaken one's Persona. She bestowed Adachi's ability to conjure without his knowledge when he first arrived in the rural town.

Persona 4 Golden

Magatsu Izanagi is now an obtainable Persona in Persona 4 Golden. The protagonist must complete Adachi's Social Link, and be at level 77. He can be fused via Triangle Spread, with the required Personas being Alice, Futsunushi, and Yoshitsune.


  • Magatsu Izanagi means 'Corrupted Izanagi'.
  • Using cheat codes, it is possible to have the protagonist equip Magatsu Izanagi as a Persona. He has his own stats, a portrait, but no moves, so one must hack in skills for him to use.