Magas is the main antagonist of the episode The Sorceress in the 1991 TV series Land of the Lost and the archenemy of Keela. He is portrayed by Ed Gale.


Magas was a cruel sorcerer and the brother of the queen whom Keela served. Keela transformed him into a Cyclopean beast, causing him to lose his magic powers, and the two are later banished to the Land of the Lost by the evil king.

Over the years, Magas's powers have slowly started to return. One day, he encounters Annie and Tasha and attacks them, but Keela appears and makes him flee by using her magical powers. At night, Magas attacks the treehouse but Keela uses her magic to make him flee once again.

The following day, Magas uses his powers to petrify and capture Annie, and he obliges Keela to turn him back into human in exchange for releasing her. Magas agrees and break her spell, then the two sorcerers battle each other. With the help of the Porters, Keela manages to defeat her enemy and remove his powers.