No, Barodius is "dead" and now the mighty Mag Mel lives!
~ Mag Mel
Mag Mel is a mutated alter-ego form of the former Gundalian emperor Barodius who appeared in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. He was responsible for brainwashing and manipulating the human Brawlers by giving the Chaos Bakugan to the latter. He and Dharak (Razenoid) survived in the reverse dimension of the Sacred Orb by Code Eve's anger that causes him and Dharak to be disqualified. In the end of Arc 1, he and Razenoid are destroyed by a new-evolved Fusion Dragonoid.

Becoming Mag Mel

Barodius and Dharak are responsible for destroying the shields from Neathia, he hired an army of Gundalian soldiers to attack Neathia and Earth, after being defeated by Dan and Drago. Barodius and Dharak are mutated into Mag Mel and Razenoid due to Code Eve's anger.


After becoming Mag Mel, Barodius became more sadistic and cruel, which he begin obsessing over Dan and Drago's power to release him from the dark alternate universe, where he and Razenoid/Dharak being imprisoned by Code Eve. He starts to haunt Dan in his violent visions, and make them lose control during Dan's battle with Anubias, which cause him being disqualified from the battle. After Dan finds out his true identity, he refuse acknowledge himself as Barodius, and claims that "Barodius is dead ". He also never cared for his right-hand, Anubias and Sellon, as he kill them without mercy and absorbed their power, even after Sellon successfully stole Dan's "Key" and gave it to him.



  • Barodius/Mag Mel along with Dharak/Razenoid are only the Bakugan villains who become main villains in two seasons (Season 3 and season 4 arc.1)