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Mag Agent: Gestalt is an armored mag agent version of the Abomination and a boss in Episode 1.5 of Madness: Project Nexus, appearing at the end of level [1.5-C]. His body is covered by bulky armor and has most of his muscle exposed, with his skin only remaining on his hands and face.

Gestalt does not carry any weapons and fights using punches or by body slamming his foes. He is assisted by other abominations in the fight and is apparently an enemy to the 1337 agents. Like Mag Agent: N, Gestalt is defeated by shooting at him until he collapses. Gestalt's armor can be damaged by firearms and melee attacks alike. When either his body or head armor part is destroyed enough he will be capable of being damaged. Once defeated, the agents and abominations will stop swarming into the room, allowing the player to proceed to the final room of the stage.


  • His name is German for "form" or "figure".

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