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The Maenads (Final Fantasy)

The Maenads

For a specimen of an inferior species, you seem to have some measure of good judgement... But you fail to realize the gap between your power and mine.
~ One of the Maenads to Palom.

The Maenads, also collectively sometimes known as the "Maenad" in plural, also collectively known as Mysterious Girls, are entities that looks like Rydia and they are important antagonist of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Just like the main character, They can summon Eidolons to battle, the Eidolons, however, have been seized and are not particularly fond of carrying the girl's deeds.


It is revealed near the end that these girls were mass produced in the shape of Rydia by the true antagonist of the game in the True Moon and are known as the Maenad. these girls were sent to take control of the Eidolons, retrieve the crystals and destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Powers and Abilities

The Maenads are powerful sorceresses able to teleport, use telekinesis, cast high-level black magic including Meteor, and summon Eidolons. Their capacity to summon Eidolons consists of petrifying their material forms and corrupting the Eidolon's mind, but Fusoya says this is not simply petrification, but a casting of the Eidolon's spirit into another dimension. This process can be disrupted by evoking an emotional response from the Eidolon. When this "awakening" occurs the Maenads lose the ability to summon that Eidolon.

The Maenads indicate they are aware of each other's actions, implying that they possess a hive mind that allows them to share thoughts. The non-hostile Maenads in the Depths support this idea, as they speak in the plural "we," and one says "our will is as one."


  • Their name comes from the infamous female nymphs in Greek mythology.
  • The Maenads and "their Creator" are mentioned within a book in Final Fantasy Dimensions.
  • The Maenads are implied to travel to the Red Moon and Earth via meteorites. This same method of travel was used in Final Fantasy V.

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