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Maelstrom was a reoccurring villain in Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego. In his first appearance, he escaped from Folson State Prison in order to get revenge on Carmen Sandiego for imprisoning him when she still worked for ACME in 1985. In the episode "Maelstrom's Revenge", Carmen is forced to join forces with Zack and Ivy in order to put him back in prison. He was actually a very dark, and deranged character. He was very hostile and dangerous. Some of his atrocious acts include: cutting Zack and Ivy's rope when they were climbing up a building, and almost pushing the detectives and Carmen into a whirlpool. Unlike, Sandiego, he was actually a very serious threat. Eventually, the young detective with Carmen's help capture him, and return him to Folson. His full name was Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom.

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