Madoka Orimura, known by her alias, M , is one of the primary antagonists of the anime, Manga and Light novel series Infinite Stratos, and is the younger sister of Chifuyu and Ichika.


M was the one who raised the plan in Phantom Task to steal Byakushiki during IS Academy's anniversary. She was also responsible for a device called the 'Remover', that almost caused Ichika to lose his IS when he was fighting Autumn during the IS Academy school anniversary.

After invading and terrorizing the USA base to steal The Steal Gospel, she is intercepted and defeated by Natasha. After finally her revealing true name for intention to kill Ichika, she attempts to murder him, but Laura deviated the attack. Your intention as kill Chifuyu and Ichika but she enjoy for killing your brother and daughter. Madoka does not seem to consider as her twin brother but heconsideres him slighthlyas one of his familycalling with yuor surname. she as intense emotions to kill Ichika and Chifuyu. Unlike Chifuyu, he does not see much about Ichika and asserts that he can kill him anytime for joy.


And cold and sadistic in combat is delighted to suffer his opponents, he does not show any remorse in fighting and trying to kill Ichika as if he were having fun and did not bother His personality is completely the exact opposite of Ichika. It is cold, calm blood, always looking at almost everyone but not saying it aloud. So far, in the Light Novel series, it has only one goal, namely to kill Chifuyu Orimura, and on some occasions he plans to kill Ichika Orimura.