Madimot is a Nighlok monster debuting in the Power Rangers Samurai episode "I've Got a Spell on Blue".

He is a narcissistic Nighlok who says that he is the "baddest of the bad" and is armed with a shield and a whip. He has the ability to shoot energy blasts that put people under mind control to make them do his bidding. He is already controlling of the Tiger Zord by the time he first appears, which was kept inside the Sanzu River, calling it Tiggy. He shot a blast from his face at Mike, but Kevin jumped in the way and took the blast. Now under mind control, Kevin is ordered by Madimot to attack the other Samurai Rangers. When Kevin comes at Jayden, the team is forced to retreat. When Madimot and Kevin resume their attack at a construction site, Jayden challenges Kevin to a one-on-one duel. When the rest of the team watches, Deker goes and watches the fight, too. With Kevin freed, the team attacks Madimot. Coming back enlarged, Jayden frees the Tiger Zord and creates the Tiger Drill Megazord to destroy Madimot. Madimot later reappears in the episode "Party Monsters" where he is amongst the deceased Nighloks attending their Halloween party in Nighlok Heaven.


  • He was voiced by Robert Mignault.
  • Madimot is most likely boasting about being the baddest of the bad. First, if that were to be true, that would mean he would be much more powerful then expected, as Arachnitor in his mutated form was similar to being the baddest of the bad.
  • Unlike the other Nighloks, he seems to call everything up with a name that doesn't sound offensive. He calls the Tiger Zord Tiggy, Kevin as Blue, and Jayden as Red. This is quite odd for his boast, as Rofer calls Mike a "broccoli colored bum".

See Also

  • Hitomidama, his Super Sentai counterpart in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.