Madelyn Spaulding

  Madelyn Spaulding is a Bang Baby and a villain in Static Shock. She was a student at Dakota High that was socially active. One night when she interviewed a homeless man about the homelessness in Dakota for an extra credit assignment, the Big Bang occured and gas infected both Madelyn and the homeless man.

On that night, Madelyn unknowingly gained telepathy. She later ran against Joey Bombora and Richie Foley for freshman class president. Using her powers, she made the voters vote for her and Joey to dropout of the election. Static tries to interfere but he finds out that his electric powers blocks Madelyn's telepathic powers. However she probed Richie's mind and found out that Virgil is Static. Madelyn later brainwashed Static's neighborhood and the students from Dakota Union High into attacking him. The students gathered around Madelyn as she proclaims her intentions to take over not only the school and Dakota, but the world as well. When she led a zombie like raid against Static, Static easily defeats her by sending an electric shock to Madelyn, knocking her unconscious. Madelyn was later taken to a hospital and Joey Bombora reentered the election.

During her time in jail, the doctors examined that parts of her mermory were gone such as the identity of Static and lost her powers as well. Madelyn was released from jail and later worked at a comic book store. In her anger, she realized that that the electric shock delivered to her augmented her powers, giving her telekinetic powers. Madelyn swore revenge and broke Ebon, Hotstreak, and Talon from prison. After breaking them out of prison, Madelyn assumed leadership of the Meta-Breed. Madelyn and her gang attacked City Hall but Static and Gear arrived to stop them. After Hotstreak accidently injured Talon with one of her fireballs, Madelyn made a statue fall so her and her gang could which made Ebon angrier. Madelyn later captured She-Bang and took her to their hideout in the junkyard. By doing so, she made up for her mistake in City Hall. After a scuffle between Madelyn and Ebon, Ebon fought Madelyn but he was defeated. Static and Gear arrived shortly after and released She-Bang. Madelyn fought Static and was boasting that she is a force of nature while Hotstreak and Talon deal with Gear and She-Bang. Static sent a positive charge on a pile of garbage that was next to Madelyn , shocking her into submission with the lightning's negative charge. Madelyn was later hospitalized and taken to custody.