Madison "Maddie" Morrison was a bully in the British soap opera, Hollyoaks.


Joining Hollyoaks Sixth Form Maddie immediately established herself as Queen bee - and no one is going to steal her crown! Ruling with a mixture of beauty, manipulation and wit, Maddie knows the power of gossip and skillfully uses it to get what she wants - and woe betide anyone who gets in her way. It isn't all about vitriol with Maddie, though. One of the few people to see her softer side is one Callum Kane Maddie's focus on being the ultimate Queen Bee led her to become a downright bully.


Bart and his girlfriend, Sinead along with Ruby Button (Anna Shaffer) and Esther Bloom (Jasmine Franks), decide to go on holiday to Abersoch after Bart and Sinead completed their GCSE exams. Bart travels to Abersoch ahead of the girls and they later arrives to find him sleeping on the sofa with Maddie. Maddie tells Sinead that she is Bart's ex-girlfriend and reveals that she is joining the same sixth form college as him.

Maddie starts bullying Esther at the college and turns her friends against her. The day before Ruby and Jono's wedding, Esther witnesses Maddie kissing Jono. Maddie threatens her into keeping quiet, saying she will make her life a lot worse. Tilly witnesses this and confronts Maddie. She tells her that she has changed and she does not know who Maddie is anymore. Maddie, along with Ruby, Sinead, Jono, George and Neil, are involved in a bus crash while trying to get to Gretna Green. They crash into a wedding marquee and are initially trapped in the minibus. Maddie helps George escape and then manages to free herself with George's help. Maddie is about to leave when Neil, who was believed by the group to be dead, awakes and asks her to help him. She leaves Neil and the van explodes. George thanks Maddie for saving his life and she blames Esther for causing the crash. Then the flaming door from the minibus comes hurtling down from the sky and hits her, killing her instantly as her friends look on in horror.