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Madder Red is a villain turned protagonist of the comic book series Bedlam.

Character History

Fillmore Press was originally a super villain by the name of Madder Red operating in the city of Bedlam, causing mayhem and death, and clashing with his arch-enemy, The First. Other instances of his crimes include abducting and beheading two religious figures while parading there heads through a crowd. After a final attack on an opera house, he was taken into custody. During which time he told the police that he hid bombs in children's toys all over the city. If the citizens wanted to stop the bombs, he declared that they needed to kill him. Soon after a team of mysterious doctors attacked the station and abducted him. while in the care of the Good Doctor, Madder Red was subjected to invasive neurosugery to correct any physiological problems with his brain while making him more suseptable to suggestion. With years of treatments and therapies they cured him of his desire to be a villain as well as his homicidal urges. Later on under the identity of Fillmore, he becomes involved with a sting of serial killings where he desired to help the police by drawing on his knowledge as a killer to find the perpatrator of the murders. Since then he has been assisting the police of Bedlam as a consultant and putting away dozens of killers all within the space of a few weeks.


Originally, Madder Red was an unrepentant serial killer and crime lord. He commited the most atrocious and horriifically brutal murders with no regard to age, gender, or race. While he had no particular victim preference, he seemed to most enjoy killing children as he said in his own words "I fucking hate children!" and the outrage such an act would bring. He also believed everyone was a monster because of "want" and that given the proper incentive, anyone would be capable of doing anything if they wanted it badly enough. Madder Red while unstable and impulsive was brilliant and cunning with excellent insight into the human mind. Now, as Fillmore, Madder Red is incapable of violence as it causes him great distress and tries to help and contribute to the society he had previously dispised. From time to time howeve, Fillmore hallucinates seeing Madder Red on the television and in mirrors hinting that his darker side and urges are not gone and might resurface one day.